AmzRush is a Amazon Seller Software To Help You Reach Your Full Potential
Send e-mails to your customers
Track positions of your keywords in Amazon’s search
Get notified about new seller feedback
Get alerts about reviews on your products
AmzRush constantly improves features and introduces new ones
AmzRush track BSR on your every product, every 4 hours
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Protect Your Brand, Manage Your Amazon Reviews and Secure Positive Seller Feedback

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100% Amazon Compliant

Follow Amazon’s policies while communicating with your customers.

Generate Product Reviews

Real buyers will be asked to review your products and generate honest and unbiased reviews.

Delivery Filters

Organize your timing preferences. Choose the right time when you customers are most likely to open the message and leave the review.

Negative Review Notifications

Receive notifications when negative feedback is left so you can easily resolve it.

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AmzRush is one of the most important tools we use for our digital Amazon marketing strategies. The number one thing I like about AmzRush is the feedback features.

— Ryan F. —
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You can dig around in other tools and free services to get info on competitors, or you can just go to AmzRush. I've had the paid and free plans, and the paid definitely helps you determine the best keywords for beating out your competitors.

— Brooke B. —

Look at our main features. AmzRush constantly improves features and introduces new ones for every Plan



Once a customer makes or receives your order, AmzRush sends him a thanks letter with feedback or review request, or with an offer to download bonus. Thus, you will communicate with your customers and improve the number of comments to your products automatically.

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Tracking of Seller Feedback and Reviews

Time of reaction to dissatisfied customer’s comments has a paramount importance in working with the feedback. The faster you react to negative feedback, the more you can simplify or eliminate it completely. The reviews monitoring tool will help you to keep the track of events.

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Tracking of Seller Feedback and Reviews
Keyword Rank Tracking

Keyword Rank Tracking

Track the positions and indexing of your keywords. Optimize your listing. Analyze what words work the best way. Index checking tool will show which words help customers to find you and which not. Sell more!

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Coming Soon

AmzRush always improve functionality, and this awesome features coming soon.

Use this DASHBOARD for monitoring your key metrics

Don’t run your FBA business blindly! Get all the necessary information for making your business decisions and get rid of competitors. You have just to enter the cost of your product and the system will give you a detailed statistics of your ROI, profitability, margin, and spendings for the every SKU. Merchant Metrics will do everything for you!

Hijacker Alert

Catch hijackers who break into your listing. As soon as it happens, you will receive an immediate notification that another seller has joined your listing. You will be also provided with the set of instructions on how to cope with the problem in the shortest possible time.

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20068 Products Tracked
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Here you can choose any Plan you need, and see all limits.

Products per accout 1 50 150 300
Emails per month 150 1100 4500 12000
Review tracking 1 product 10 products 30 products 50 products
Keyword tracking 5 words for account 70 words for account 180 words for account 700 words for account
Feedback and Product Review
Email creation wizard (customize your email!)
Email File Attachment
Open Rate Tracking
Email Black List
Great User Support
BSR Tracking