Frequently Asked Questions

If you need help, we have a list of frequently asked questions and answer

Is there a set-up fee? Can I change my plan?

No. There is no set-up fee or any hidden cost for AmzRush. You can sign up for a free plan. Also, you are free to change your plan at any time.

How can AmzRush improve my Amazon products feedback?

Over 90% of Amazon buyers typically fail to leave feedback. In addition, customers with a negative experience are more motivated to leave feedback. That leaves you with a large number of satisfied buyers who are not leaving positive ratings.

AmzRush automatically sends a personal email to each of your customers requesting positive feedback. More positive feedback will improve your overall rating on Amazon, and limit the effect of occasional negative feedback ratings.

Proactive communications can also let your customers know that you care about their buying experience, and can give you the opportunity to address issues before they become a larger problem.

Does Amazon permit this type of customer communication?

Absolutely. Amazon encourages you to provide good customer service and to solicit feedback from your customers in order to be a successful merchant. Amazon policy does not generally permit sending marketing messages to customers, however.

How do I create an effective feedback email?

While each merchant is different and there is no exact formula, there are some guidelines that any feedback request email should follow:

  • Use a descriptive from name in your email, and make sure your customers can reply to ask questions if needed.
  • Use a catchy, personalized subject.
  • Ask for positive feedback, but be sure to provide a way for your customer to have their concerns addressed if they’re not quite ready to pull the trigger on a five-star review.
  • Customize your email. For example, you can include a reference to the Amazon order number and the title of the item or items purchased
  • Consider including a link to your Amazon Storefront, where customers can get access to your customer service and email policies.
  • Create a design and style that matches your brand. This could range from a simple text email with your name signed at the bottom to a professionally designed HTML template with your logo and custom images.

Over time, we encourage you to experiment with different approaches to your customer communications so that you will find the approach that’s best for your particular business.

Can I send more than one email?

Yes, AmzRush allows you to send up to five emails per order (however, in many cases, sending less than five emails per order may be advisable). AmzRush allows you to build campaign rules, making it possible to trigger subsequent emails based on desired customer actions and other criteria.